Vegetarian in Korea Presents Flo Gelato Dolce

Written by Chalica Pack

Nestled in the Rodeo Drive area of Apgujeong is a frozen yogurt paradise. Although the “fro yo (self-serve frozen yogurt)” craze is in full force in the United States, this concept is new to Korea.  Jae Kim opened up the first Flo Gelato Dolce about 3 months ago. I met with Jae and he walked me thru the process of self-serve frozen yogurt.

After choosing a cup size, you select from 8 different flavors of frozen yogurt and gelato. Want to mix and match? It's no problem-that's the beauty of self-serve! Once you have your cup filled, you move over to the table and pick any of the 33 amazing toppings. There are no limits- if you want all 33 toppings and if you want all different types of yogurt, you can.

While some of the toppings are fairly standard- sprinkles, nuts, strawberries- others are unique. I was excited to see such choices as kiwi, watermelon, and rock candy in the mix.

You pay by weight, and for two loaded down cups of frozen yogurt and toppings, my dining partner and I paid under $10,000 KRW.

Flo works hard to use the best ingredients in their yogurt and gelato and the it shows with its rich pure taste.

Flo also serves bottle water and coffee, but I don't think you are going to have room for anything else after you've had their yogurt. If you are like me, you'll think its worth it to go back and order up a 2nd round!

Flo Gelato Dolce is located off of the Rodeo Drive are in Apgujeong. The main archway entrance to the Rodeo area is across from the Galleria Mall. Go three blocks down and turn right at Banila co
(It's right across from Puma). Flo is a few shops from the corner. It's a bit of a hike from the closest subway station, so I would suggest sucking it up and taking a cab. It's totally worth it.

Flo Gelato Dolce

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