And the winners of the Tartine Beef Pot Pie Contest are:

It has been an exciting week at Seoul Eats and I didn't expect the sort of response we got. The Beef Pot Pie giveaway received a total of 319 comments.

And we didn't just get comments. We got poems, jokes, praise, and a few criticisms.

Competition was fierce, especially among Paul Ajosshi and Bravo.

Drum roll please:

The person with the most posts is Paul Ajosshi with 160 posts.
Second place with 129 posts is Bravo

And here are the rest:

Cuincebu: 14 comments
happinessrocks: 9 comments
harpo: 4 comments
chalica pack: 4 comments
Zenkimchi: 3 comments
Jenny Cleary: 1 comment
Roboseyo: 1 comment
Max: 1 comment

Here is the message I got from Chef Garrett:


Well, the event is over.  I just got home [10:20pm] and I have looked on your web page for all the comments, but somehow I can't find them.... I'm a wimp at the internet.  Anyway, I think Paul had the best comments... he went to a lot of trouble to make them interesting and the poems... gads... now that took some doing.   I'm not sure who should be included with Paul... your choice on that one.

All in all, it was a wonderful event... and thank you for having us as your first.

Let me know the names and I will have their certificates ready for them.


Chef  D. Garrett Edwards
Executive  Chef / Owner 

"When you change a time honored recipe, it no longer has the taste of home"
So Paul Ajosshi is the first winner. He can get his pot pie tonight or next Monday (if he wishes).

Bravo is second place for sheer persistence. So he will also win a pie.  (Plus, I want to see these two meet up in person.)

The third place winner will be picked as soon as I get contact confirmation.

Thanks and great job to everyone who played!



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