Christmas Market in Seoul's French Village this Saturday

I got this letter from my friend Thomas and it is about the Christmas Market this Saturday in Sorae Village.

Dear Daniel,

Here you go....came out today in the Korea Times !

To stock up on your holiday supply of ‘foie gras’ and many more festive tastes of France, Seoul’s Marche de Noel is the place to go.
The Marche de Noel, or Christmas market, is an annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of December, which this year falls on this coming weekend, Dec. 5.
On offer will be a whole array of Christmas delicacies including wine, cheese and smoked salmon.
The market will be situated in Gingko Park, next to Seoul Palace Hotel, Seorae Maeul, in southern Seoul.
Starting at 10:00am the market will run until 4:00pm.
All proceeds will go to charity.


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