Where to get your Christmas Dinner 2009 Part 1

I don't believe that it is already December. I've already been getting Christmas requests from people.
If you don't make your reservation early, you'll be out of luck. 

Most of the hotels will be holding Christmas Dinner's with Hotel Specials. I recommend the W-Hotel and the InterContinental Hotel. W-Hotel's Kitchen always has a great festive Christmas spread and the InterContinental's Marco Polo and Table 34 for great for couples.

I've also been to the Hyatt for their other holidays and I'm a big fan of their food and their view. Pierre Gagnaire will probably be rocking as well. Top Cloud is a major date destination at this time so be sure to book your reservation early. 

I also recommend Gourmet Eo in Cheongdam, Ristorante Antonio, and Jung Shik Dang in Dosan Park

Chef Meili in Itaewon will definitely be having a Christmas Dinner. This is where I have had my last 2 Christmas/birthday dinners. They always have Turkey and other festive offerings such as Gluhweine. By the way, right now Chef Meili has Christmas cookies for sale. They are homemade, scrumptious, and make great Christmas gifts.


Suji's, OK2 Kitchen, and Toque in Itaewon also are very well known for having great Christmas Dinners. 

The casinos like 7-luck are crazy busy, so just wanted to let you know.

In Gangnam, the popular hangout is Nolita's for Italian. In general, most of the Korean restaurants will not have much business. For some odd reason, Italian and Christmas are synonymous in Korea. I recommend Mad for Garlic and Via di Napoli.

Sortinos, Villa Sortinos, Passion 5, and Macaroni Market are also very good bets for Christmas.

Parties and Places you can go and not be alone

Wolfhound, Rocky Mountain Tavern, Beer O'Clock, and Yaletown are recommended bars to spend Christmas.


Go to Tartines in Itaewon for Butter Tarts, Pies, and Meat Pies. Chef Meili has deli meats and salami. Also, I recommend you go up to the baklava house by the Mosque in Itaewon to get Turkish Delights and amazing homemade baklava. 

And if you are looking for artisan Olive Oil or Boutique Wines, I would check out VineStock in Sorae Maeul. E-mail them here if you are looking to place an order. They can ship the olive oil. 

You can find most of these restaurants and contact information by using the search button on the top of this blog. If you have any further questions or suggestions, shoot me an e-mail.


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