My Accomplishments in 2009

1. Wrote 691 Blog Posts on
2. Appeared on 48 episodes of the Steve Hatherly Show for TBS eFM.
3. Was the dining editor for Eloquence Magazine for 5 months.
4. Became the dining editor for Groove Magazine.
5. Appeared in an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.
6. Helped organize and market the 7th Annual Tteok Festival in Seoul for Dr. Yoon Sook-ja.
7. Met Chef Rachel Yang when she came to the Tteok Festival
8. Met Robyn Lee from Serious Eats when she came to do a story for the Tteok Festival.
9. Met the 9-year old guitar sensation Sungha-jung.
10. Appeared in Gourmet's Diary of Foodie episode: Korea: Ancient world, modern food.
11. Traveled for 3 weeks in America. I started in Seattle and then went to Philadelphia; Winter Haven, Florida; Utah, and then San Francisco, California.
12. I met Jonathon Kauffman from the Seattle Weekly.
13. I met Chef Anna Kim at the Kimchikhan Documentary filming.
14. Was a featured speaker at the G'OAL Adoptee Conference at Sogang University.
15. Wrote 30+ articles for the Seoul Tourism Website.
16. Featured in an article in the Korea Herald.
17. Appeared in an episode of KBS's 30 Minute Documentary.
18. I took a photography class with Michael Hurt.
18. Went to Chez Panisse.
19. Went to Sandang Restaurant and met Chef Im Ji-ho.
20. Wrote a food brochure for KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) to encourage the Michelin Group to come to Korea.
21. Appeared on KBS Radio to talk about my blog and work.
22. I took 8 months of Korean Classes at Sookmyeong Woman's University.
23. Met Jenny and her husband Matt from the Hummingbird Appetite.
24. Appeared in Donpo News.
24. Met Massimo Botturo, Pierre Gagnaire, and Corey Lee at the Amazing Korean Table Event.
25. Started writing food articles for the Korea Herald.
26. Started to hold weekly Seoul Eats Meet-Ups.
27. Wrote an Illustrated Book on How to Eat Korean Food.
28. Appeared in Korean Newsweek.
29. Went to Junju.
30. Gained 10 pounds.
31. Didn't catch swine flu.
32. Fed and kept Hubble well.
33. Made many good friends.
34. Ate at over 400??? restaurants.
35. Stayed Happy and had fun.

Happy New Years everyone!

Next year, I have even bigger plans.


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