Thinking of Christmas Gifts? How about Gourmet Olive Oil or Boutique Wines

Today I was invited to Vinestock in Seorae Maeul: the French District in Seoul. There I got to meet Thomas Scheidt and his wife Jung Eun Lim. They have a boutique wine shop.

The Arboreum Brand of Olive Oils are used in all of Alain Ducasse's restaurants. It tastes like summer grass and with a herbacious bite that hits in the back of the throat. It's one of the best Olive Oils that I've ever had.

This is a Sauvignon Blanc that they had called Inspire. It looks a little like a ginseng root, but it's supposed to be a grape vine.

Here is some 20 year old balsamico called Antico. I want one of these in my stocking for Christmas. Readers, I like gifts (hint, hint).

And here are some real olives that a flavor that bites back.


I'll be writing more about this place soon.


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