Seoul Eats Meet Up again this Friday: Uzbekistani Food

Hmmmm...the last two meet-ups were a lot of fun and there were a number of great people that came out, so we are going to do it again. I think it's something I will try to do every Friday.

This week, I would like to to go to Samarikand in Dongdaemun. It's a Uzbekistan restaurant in Seoul and the food is amazing. If you would like to come, send me an e-mail here. We will meet around 8pm at the restaurant. Here are the directions:

After getting off at dongdaemun stadium, exit #5 and walk towards the woori bank. To the left is the A+ noraebahng, Samarakand is a few buildings before the A+ noraebahng. If you love lamb and crave something aside from kimchi, the food is good. (Thanks Paul Ajossi for the directions) 

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