Yum Thai after 4 longs days of waiting... still so~ good by Michelle Min

After last weeks initial encounter with Yum Thai, Dan and I both agreed we needed to try everything else on the menu. So, after 4 long days, we went back and we took a crew of other foodies including Hoya of Hoyacooks So....ohhhhh~ "Please sir, can I have some mo!"

Every place has their rendition of the "special sauce", this burns and yet I'm still drooling just thinking about it. Unfortunately, the shrimp fried goods were gone before I could even reach for one. Rest assured, I was told they were very good. Vonderful!

Classic summer roll with the addition of celery + (enter "special sauce") and voila! nom nom nom inducing. Anything that puffs up little bubbles from being deep fried, can't be wrong.

Pad Thai with shrimp, but even better wedges of dried shrimp all cooked together = amazing texture and flavor.

Green Papaya Salad
(I love my new lens...it's a 60mm Canon Macro).

This is a special section dedicated to my love, Som Tam: Green Papaya Salad.

We were told this was Beef Paneng Curry, but wasn't as good as last week's.

Another image that makes my saliva work overtime. Tom Yum Goong.

Pad Kra-Prao Beef

Laub Chicken, which brings me back to the beginning, "Please, Sir please, can I have some mo".

One last note, when we asked our friend, Johnny where they purchased their ingredients he said they ship it straight from Thailand. 'nough said!

Yum Thai
Go out Sinsa Station Exit 1 and walk straight for about 3 minutes. It's across from J-Tower.

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