Get your Drink on at Sam Ryan’s Pub in Itaewon

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Get your Drink on at Sam Ryan’s Pub in Itaewon
By Jenny Cleary

You guys may have noticed that there is a recent addition in the Itaewon arena to win the title for best sports bar. Sam Ryan’s Pub has only been competing for a few months, but already promises to be a serious challenger. The owner of 3 Alley Pub opened the sports bar just right above it to carter to the younger crowd. The lighting is subdued, and the décor is contemporary with a long, impressive bar counter flanking one side. There are several cozy areas for intimate gatherings, but also plenty of window-side seating for those who want to gaze at the nightlife below. The sports bar also has a dart area and a outdoor patio for those wanting to enjoy the weather. Their friendly English-speaking staff makes it a breeze to get anything you need to enjoy your time at Sam Ryan’s.

They boast eight flat screens strategically placed throughout the entire bar, so no sports fan is put to a disadvantage. One television is even placed between the urinals in the men’s bathroom.

Sam Ryan’s is always tapped into the latest coverage in sports. They religiously update their sports schedule every Wednesday--ranging from football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and anything else you can think of. More importantly, requests are not frowned upon because at Sam Ryan’s any sport goes. So no need to worry about dealing with rejection here. It’s a safe haven for everyone.

They offer affordable prices for both drinks and food. For draft beer, they offer seven selections ranging from OB for 2,500 won to Guinness for 7,500 won. If their draft selection doesn’t suite you, then surely one of their dozen imported bottled beers should do the trick. For margarita lovers, stop in on Mondays for their strawberry or lime margarita special for 5,000 won. Those wanting to become “happy” quicker should order Jose Cuervo shots for 3,000 won. No “Margarita Monday” is complete without ordering their massive nachos to curb your hunger.

Their “Tailgate Tuesday” special has 500 won per pork rib with drinks. This is a definitely a crowd pleasure and tables fill up quick, so I suggest you show up early. Moreover, Sam Ryan’s brings out the competitor in all steak lovers, with the Fat Bastard Challenge. Finish a 72-ounce Australian rib-eye steak, baby potatoes, and a garden salad in under an hour and your name will forever be enshrined on the Fat Bastard wall.

In conclusion, Sam Ryan's is a great place for sports, food, and beer - either with a group of friends, or even by yourself.

Sam Ryans Sports Bar and Grill
Address: Itaewon-dong 116-15, Youngsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone: 02-749-7933
Directions: Itaewon Station exit 1 walk straight and make a right at KFC. Walk up the alley and turn left when the alley ends. Walk about 100 meters, on your right will be Sam Ryan’s on the second floor above 3 Alley Pub. Sam Ryan’s – bringing together sports, food, and drinks

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