The Winners of the Beer O'Clock Comment Contest are...

If you missed the Beer O'Clock Comment Contest, here is a link. The goal of the contest was to write the most interesting shots or cocktails. There were over 77 comments. Some of the more interesting shots were the Mad Cow, Monkey Fart,The Little Green Man From Mars, and the Bitch on Wheels.

Thank you so much for participating in the contest.

Now as I stated before, the first winner of the contest would go to the person who wrote the most comments. The person who wrote the most comments was: Bravo!

Here's the breakdown:

Bravo with 50 comments
Cassie Jean with 21 comments
Manuel with 5 comments
T-bone with 5 comments
Leonardo Byon with 2 comments
Ashley Jean with 1 comment
John with 1 comment.

The person who wrote the most creative shot was...

John said...

Tiger Balm

This cocktail will even satisfy the sexaholic, philanthropist, major championship winning golf hero-turned-pariah.

1) 1 oz. Jack Daniels (representing Jack Nicklaus, Tiger’s hero)
2) Splash of Amaretto Sour (the “am” in “Amaretto” is likened to the Ambien Tiger reportedly took the night of his fateful accident.. only not as strong)
3) 1 oz. Malibu Rum ( Malibu for Florida, home of Woods, beautiful women, and an overall nice addition to sweeten the drink)
4) Top with Cola/Pepsi (Pepsi, parent of Gatorade, recently dropped its sponsorship of Tiger :( ).

Serve with ice. It’s actually a great-tasting drink with a kick!

Great Job Everyone! Winners, please contact me and I'll tell you how you can get your 50,000 won beer tab.

And thanks to Beer O'Clock for letting Seoul Eats do this contest. You should check out Beer O'Clock yourself. They have an excellent and friendly staff, good burgers and pizzas, and lots of great drinks and cocktails.

Here are the directions:

Head to exit 1 of Shinchon station and turn right at Natuur, head down the street, over the intersection, past 7-11, count three alleyways and turn left opposite the Blue Lion Casual Pub Sign into an alleyway with a distinctive traditional house on the corner. Beer O’ Clock is on the left above “Fish and Grill”. Visit for details.
(02) 333-9733

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