Pirate Booze Cruise on the Han River

Ka-Brew and Rocky Mountain Tavern are proud to present our first all-you-can-drink booze cruise along the Han River.

The night will begin at 7 P.M. at the Yeoinaru station docks where we will board. From there we will coast along the Han river in our very own PIRATE BOAT, drinking the same great beers you enjoyed at the former Ka-Brew pub (made in Gapyeong province!). Three micro-brewed beers AND Alley Kat at no extra charge!!! We even have our own DJ to rock the boat!

At 9 P.M. we will return to the docks where a free bus will transfer people back to Rocky Mountain Tavern for a free welcome shot and a live band.

All of this for 40,000 Won.

You can pay through three sources:

Rocky Mountain Tavern. Visit Rocky Mountain Tavern anytime from the now to the 5th to get your ticket instantly.

Seouleats.com. Contact Daniel Gray of Seouleats.com to purchase via bank transfer. Seouleats@gmail.com

Jason Lindley. Contact Jason Lindley to pay via bank transfer. Jasonlindley@gmail.com


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