The Winners of the Wolfhound Menu Contest are...

The winners of the wolfhound menu contest are Sharon, Cassie Jean, and Roboseyo. Please e-mail me your addresses so we can mail out your gift certificates. Here is my e-mail address. 

I would like to send a special thanks to all that played. BTW, Sharon, the Wolfhound said they will be adding a soup and sandwich combo soon.


Here are their comments:
Cassie Jean said...
I think anyone who lives in or around Seoul knows of The Wolfhound. The atmosphere, the specials, it's a fan favorite. The menu is huge. But who doesn't love a wide selection of food? Especially Irish? However, some dishes seem to be a tad repetative. People aren't coming to The Wolfhound for chicken strips and caesar salads. I think most people would take a well done Shepard's Pie over those fast food options anyday. I agree with the previous posters. Cut down on the nachos, strips, and non-irish foods. I've sampled the Irish fare and it was pretty tasty, so stick with what you do well! Also, take advantage of the seasonal produce that Korea has to offer! When I visited last, I had the Greek Salad...and didn't seem fresh. Vegetables were a little waxy. Korean markets offer produce as fresh as it gets so take advantage! I agree with Bravo, would love to see some corned beef on the menu. Just thinking of it right now makes me hungry. And when it comes to deserts, I understand not wanting a big or complicated selection. It doesn't sell fast and is hard to keep. Apples are the foundation for most Irish desserts, so try some homemade apple pie, or sweet potato pie. Throw in some vanilla ice cream and I'm sure you'd have a fan favorite. And lastly, the layout of the current menu is really overwhelming and confusing to read. The premium menu, the boxed in items....I think it should be designed in a simpler fashion. Try putting stars or a logo next to the house favorites. I know I always look for them on a menu. Excited to see some changes and am crossing my fingers for corned beef!!!
sharon said...
I don't mind the long menu either...though if they really wanted to pair it down I'd recommend dropping the 5 least ordered dishes from the 'pub favorites' section and rotating them through a 'daily specials' menu. 1. I love grilled cheese. I'd love to see them add tomato as an 'add on' option. also a cup of tomato or cream of tomato soup with croutons would be great with a grilled cheese too. Also, do they let you choose the bread too? White, wheat, or rye? 2. I think they could combine the chicken strip and grilled chicken salad into one. They're basically look the same aside from the way the chicken is prepared. How about just calling it a 'garden salad with chicken' and offer the option of having the chicken grilled or cripsy. This way they can add a new salad on the menu like a Cobb Salad. Or a mixed greens with a scoop of chicken or tuna salad. 3. I'm American, but I agree with the poutine comment. LOVE it. 4. Breakfast sounds great (though I've never had it here). For selfish reasons...I'd love to see cheese grits as a breakfast side.

Roboseyo said...

I'm with paul: I don't mind a big menu, especially in a non-Korean restaurant, while in Korean restaurants a smaller menu is a sign of a better quality dish, and I'm not qualified to say much about upper-crust fine-dining anyway, in Canada as well, a middle-range place like Wolfhound tries to have a big enough menu to have something for everyone. Frankly, I'd rather see a menu that's dauntingly big than one with glaring omissions.

My favorites are the hamburger options, the irish stew, and the beef and mushroom pie. I haven't tried some of the items, but so far none have let me down.

As a guy with a milk allergy, I always want to know if the mashed potato dishes have milk in the mix -- if they do, I can't eat it, and I can't remember if I was able to special-request a dairy-free mashed potatoes.

With the burgers, I also appreciate the option to substitute the chips with a house salad... on the other hand, I don't think I've ever been asked by a waiter whether I'd like chips, mashed potatoes, or salad.

Especially now that the coffee cups are getting filled to the top, the last item on the menu I want to mention is the apple crumble, in which the crumble was powdery rather than crumbly, and totally bereft of caramelly, sticky, crispy oats, the way I love my apple crumble... can't remember clearly if the apple had individuated slices (good), or if it was all mashed into a paste (bad). Anyway, I do remember being disappointed by the apple crumble.

Finally... ever thought about adding poutine to the appetizer menu? Or maybe that's just a Canadian's pipe dream.

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