Letters to Seoul Eats: Greetings from Bangkok

Folks, I love getting letters and I'm happy to help you out with your enjoyment of Seoul. I'll try to help you out if I can and I try to answer comments and letters as soon as possible.

I recently received this letter from a traveler from Bangkok.
Hello Daniel,

I have been your following your page for a while and find it very interesting and great to ppl who enjoy eating ^ ^

Do you mind if I ask some information of some restaurants that you may recommend me to check it out.

I would like to ask you about the good restaurant for Jjim Dak, Seollongtang, Sujebi....in Seoul that i can expereince more.

I will be in Seoul soon, if you don't mind, Please tell me...

Thank you very much.

Kratai ^ ^
Dear Kratai,

For Jjimdak, there is a famous Andong Jjimdak chain throughout Seoul. The original restaurant is found in Hyewha: Here are the directions:

To get to Andong Jjim Ddak in Hyehwa, go out exit 4 and left out the exit up the shopping street. You'll pass the CGV and Gandalf statue there, and reach the end of the street. From there turn left, walk about five minutes and you'll see the restaurant. It's usually quite busy so you might have to wait, but you can also order carry out. They have three different sizes depending on how many people are eating at your table. They'll probably warn you that it's spicy; either let them know it's okay or they can make it milder. (Thanks Sonja)

For Seolleongtang, my favorite places are Woo Jae Oak over by Eujiro 4-ga exit 4. I think they have great broth. Another great place is Nampo (02-541-0808)over by Hakdong Station exit 10. It's sooooo good.

As for Sujebi, you have to go to Samcheongdong Sujebi. It's the best for so many reasons.

I hope that helps and be sure to contact me if you have any other questions.



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