Letters to Seoul Eats: We've been here, but the food...meh

Here is a letter I received this morning from Martin,

Dear Daniel,
I am here in Seoul at the moment visiting from Austria with two friends. I am always interested to experience the "real" cuisine of a country. We have been here since monday and what we have seen and eaten until now, was - how should I out it -not that great. I am foolwing your work with soul eats now for a while and I am asking myself if you see any chance for tomorrow (Saturday) to have a real good food experience here in Seoul.
Thank you for your efforts.
Best regards 
Here is my response:

Dear Martin,

I'll be out of the city today, but I recommend you try Seoul Roasted Duck in Hannam:http://hummingbirdappetite.blogspot.com/2009/10/stuffed-duck-roasted-on-clay-bricks.html

I also recommend you check this post on BBQ restaurants:

Suraon is also a nice place to eat at:

There is also a wine tasting over at VineStock, a wine shop, today and the sommelier could point you in the right direction of food.

In insadong there is a famous buddhist temple cuisine restaurant: Sanchon.

For high end, I recommend Jung Shik Dang and Wooriga (search for them on my site).

Of course there is also Chef Meili in Itaewon for Authentic Austrian Cuisine.

Also search for these restaurants and foods on Seoul Eats: Dong In Dong, Tosokchon (Chicken and Ginseng Soup), Kwangjang Market, Samarikand, and Sundubu,

Cheers and Happy Eating,


Thanks for e-mailing me and please keep them coming!

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