Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Seoul will be on March 20th, 2010

Quite a few people have asked if the Irish Association of Korea will be holding their annual parade. I'm happy to announce that they are. Even though my father is of Scottish decent, our family likes to celebrate like the Irish. Here's more information on the event:
We are very happy to inform you that 2010 St Patrick's Day festival is coming soon.

Date: 20th of March (Saturday)
Location: Cheonggyecheon Place

1. Main Stage
-  Irish rock band
- Cheerleader Performance

2. Opening

3. Grand Parade

4. Happy Ireland
- Guinness Zone
- Ireland Zone
- Photo Zone
- Ireland Food Zone
- Face Painting & Balloon Zone 

In addition to the activities on the list, there are many fascinating events.
St Patrick's Day Festival is opened for everyone regardless of national origin, age, gender.

Enjoy the exciting festival with your families and friends!

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