Samsung Mystic Commercial, starring Apolo Ohno

I was pretty shocked to see this commercial airing during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic coverage.

It is showing on American TV (NBC) and is an AT&T commercial about a Samsung phone, but still... Samsung + Apolo Ohno?

The best part is the tagline at the end. "When you're the fastest, anything is possible."

Does the Korean Netizen world know about this? I can't even imagine the outrage, considering how little Koreans think of him, and the backlash that would create against Samsung. Or would they blame AT&T?

If you are unfamiliar with the controversy around Apolo Ohno and the Korean speed skaters, Marmot's Hole has a brief summary of the most recent developments.

(I made an identical post on my own blog)

Hello from America all my friends in Korea! <3)

by Lunalil (now based in America and missing affordable Korean food)

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