Seoul Eats Meet up on Saturday: Itaewon Eats

Since, it's a big holiday weekend, I have gotten quite a few e-mails about a possible meet-up. Since, it's the holiday weekend, the only places that will probably be open will be in Itaewon. So, Saturday, February 13th Seoul Eats will be meeting up in Itaewon. Let's meet up at 1pm in front of Hamilton Hotel. We can decide where to eat once we get together. Right now I'm thinking curry at Currytown. They have a great Indian buffet for 15,000. Or I'll see if I can arrange something at one of the restaurants nearby. If you would like to come, send me a message, call or just show up. Happy Eating Dan Also, I will be at the Haiti Fundraiser at Roofers on February 14th at 8 pm. They'll have performances, door prizes, and a silent auction. You can read more about it here: Directions to Roofers: Itaewon Station, exit 3. Walk straight one block, turn right at Dunkin’ Donuts. Walk up the hill 3 blocks. Roofers is on the right, on the 3rd floor, across the street from the Foreign Food Mart and What the Book

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