Tomatillo in Seoul raises Millions for Haiti

Tomatillo on February 3rd, 2010 donated all of their profits to UNICEF to help Haiti. They raised 5.3 million won throughout the day.

I think they did an excellent job and I would really like to applaud their initiative and the staff's hard work. UNICEF also provided volunteers who worked all day to help the restaurant. Seoul Eats had a meet-up at the Yeoksam branch and over 30 people came out. Thank you all for coming out supporting such a great cause. Here are some of the people who came out.

Tomatillo will have donation jars throughout the month, so you can continue to support Haiti.


Jongak Branch: Go to Jongak Subway Station. (Line 1) exit 6. 50m on the left
Hyundai Coex Branch: Go to the Samsung Subway Station (line 2) It's in the food court area of the Hyundai Dept. Store B2.
Gangnam Finance Center Branch: Go to Yeoksam Subway Station (line 2). Enter the GFC near exit #2(underground) and walk thru the revolving doors. Walk straight, you can't miss it. (We're on the B2 level) Oh, and they are known to throw awesome parties.

Disclaimer: Tomatillo is an advertiser on Seoul Eats.

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