Deep-fried, Rice-battered Hotdog

Once a month, I volunteer with a group to go to an orphanage to cook lunch for the kids. The kids are super sweet and I really enjoy cooking for them and playing with them. It's also fun to see what kinds of food Korean children like and dislike. This time, we decided to do something a little different.

Here it is: the deep-fried, rice-battered hotdog

It is sorta like a corndog, but instead of a flour and cornmeal batter, you have rice that has been flavored with bits of carrot and red bell peppers. This rice is packed around the hotdog that has been impaled with a chopstick and rolled in a panko breading before deep fried.

Here's a ring of them. It's not bad. It's like fried rice on a stick with a meaty center.

The kids loved them.

The inventor of this food is my good friend Hoya. You can read her blog (in Korean) at


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