Kimchi Warrior Episode 1: Kimchi Warrior Vs Swine Flu

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Kimchi Warrior
Motion Comic episode 1 - Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu - HD
A Young Man Kang Film


On a strange land numerous intelligent but strange creatures live in a civilized society.
They have, however, neglected their world and failed to keep it "green" and environment friendly which causes "villains" to thrive.
Sars, Swine Flu, DiabetesTor, CholesterolTor ..., etc.
They become a powerful threat to the city when they start killing its inhabitants and destroying it from the ground up.
There is only one last hope left... The Kimchi Warrior. But he's hard to find because due to his natural smell, he prefers to be alone. His last known whereabouts was a vegetarian world, honing his warrior skills under the fighting Grand Master there.
After his training is complete the Grand Master sends him to fight the monsters. The Kimchi Warrior goes and battles with the monsters before all hope is lost.
The monsters are defeated by the Kimchi Warriors and peace once again reigns over the world, as the Royal court promises to take better care of their city.

Production: YMK Films
Director: Young Man Kang
Writer: Jin Kelley
Voice-over: Tim Colceri
Music: You Lee Kim
Cast: Kimchi Warrior, Master, Warrioress, Evil Disease, Swine Flue, Diabetes, Cholesterol, SARS, Serval, Warrior Dog, Temple, Go Chu Jang, Iron Palm, Radish kimchi, 깍두기

김치워리어 웹에피소드/모바일 컨텐츠 1
1. 김치워리어 대 신종플루
강영만 필름

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