My Newest Timesuck: Plants Versus Zombies

My nemesis has done it again. Roboseyo, oh how I loathe you. If I were to compare you to a creature on earth, you would be the bacteria in the feces of a platypus.  Let me illustrate this for you.

 He isn't even worth a cow turd on the prairie.
Roboseyo is the bacteria in the turd of the platypus. 

Damn you Roboseyo! So why do I hate him so much this time? It's because he introduced me to the game Plants versus Zombies. I downloaded it for my iPod and I've spent the last 3 days playing that stupid game.


The premise of the game is pretty simple. Zombies are trying to get into your house in order to eat your brains. You have to protect yourself by growing plants that will attack them. They have different ways of killing the zombies such as shooting them with peas, stomping on them, launching watermelons into their faces, and even hypnotizing them to attack their fellow zombies. It's hella fun and I have to stop. Seriously.
Oh, you have to watch the end credit video (I'll post it soon.)

Download the game if you want to waste a couple days^^ 

Here is the zombie song!

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