Brunch at Suji's: Much better than I remember

My first experience at Suji's was more than 2 years ago and I didn't have a great experience there. I was jonesing for a Egg's Benedict and the one I got was just awful. The hollandaise sauce had broken, the eggs were cold. It was meh. Maybe it was a bad day. Maybe it was too built up in my mind. I didn't write about it because I figured they just had a bad day. About 2 weeks ago I returned to Suji's because I had a date and well, brunches are good for dates. She ordered the Egg's Benedict and I ordered the Corn Beef Reuben Sandwich.

My sandwich was amazing- probably the best I've had in the city. It was easily worth the 13,000 I paid for it. The bread was high quality and the coleslaw had the crunch the sandwich needed without being too sweet. The meat was ample and succulent. I haven't had a sandwich with this much meat (sorry, but often Korea skimps on the protein in favor of sauces...gross) The potato salad was top notch as well. Now the Egg's Benedict...

It was good. Great actually and the sauce and the bread worked perfectly. They really must have had a bad day the last time I was there. Hollandaise sauce was buttery and creamy- just the way it should be.
I highly recommend the apple cobbler for dessert. The nutty granola is just like i remember from back home.

Suji's isn't the cheapest place for brunch but I think it is the best. Entrees start at 11,000 won excluding tax. On weekends you can expect at least a 30 minute wait, but it is worth it.

Korea 서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 34-16
Go out Noksapyeon Station Exit 3 and cross the road when you see the Itaewon Gates.

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