Korean Tasting and Tea Tour April 17th

Korean Tasting and Tea Tour April 17th

First, visitors will be taken to a Korean Restaurant to enjoy a custom tasting menu of over 20 different Korean dishes paired with several traditional alcohols. The dishes are small, so you can enjoy a range of different tastes, styles, and textures. While you are enjoying your food, the guide will explain the dishes you are eating and offer interesting tidbits of information about Korean history and culture. Our guides are experts in Korean culture and cuisine so you will be able to learn and eat at the same time.

After the tasting, there will be a brief walk around Insadong to show you where you can find the best restaurants, eateries, and bars that are off the beaten path.

Then you will go to a Korean teashop to have a tasting of several different Korean teas and learn about the tea culture in Korea while enjoying different tea snacks.

Tour Schedule:
11am: Visit to a Korean Restaurant to Enjoy a Custom Tasting with wine
12:30pm: Tour of Insadong to find the best hidden eats
1pm: Tea Tasting with Dessert
The guide for this tour will be Dr. Jia Choi of Ewha University. She has a doctorate in food and nutrition. She also graduated with honors from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. She is the president of O’ngo Food Communication.

Tours start at 11am on Saturday April 17th. The tour will meet at Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) Exit 6 at 10:45am.  The tour costs 80,000 won or $71.00 per person. A map and a guide of the area will be provided. Contact Daniel Gray to make your reservation.
Payment can be sent via Korean Bank Transfer, Paypal (dnlgray@gmail.com) , or in cash that day.

Korean Bank Transfer Information:

Woori Bank 1005-480-990616 ( 최지아 온고푸드커뮤니케이션 우리은행 1005-480-990616)

*Disclaimer: The tour will have foods that have seafood and nuts. If you have any specific food allergies, please disclose that information. This tour is designed for tourists and those interested in learning the culture of Korea (as well as taste some exciting foods).* 

*Cancellations 3 days prior to the event will be subject to a 50% charge. No shows on the day will be subject to a 100% charge.*

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