A lovely date with my mom on a very gloomy day - Samchungdong

As most of you know, it's CRAZY out there! But apparently in Korea, when it rains you run out into the rain and eat some soojaebe(수제비), a sister to kalgooksu (칼국수). Usually soojaebe is made with hand torn dough, but today my mom and I went to one of the oldest and most famous soojaebe spots in all of Seoul, Samchungdong Soojaebe (삼청동 수제비). We ordered the wild sesame seed, sticky rice soojaebe (찹살수제비), the broth had more of a nutty grittiness to it (because of the wild sesame seed) than the regular anchovy based soup, the sticky rice dollops aren't like the hand torn dough, but ok. Not sure if it's the best-of-the-best in my books, but it was a windy, drizzling, late afternoon date with my mom in Seoul, and that's enough for me (cheesy~).


Awesome name for a restaurant, "Second best in Seoul" (서울에서 둘쩨로잘하는 집). hehe. Very un-Korean.

:) happy to be hanging out with my mom + good eats + good talks.

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