Elephant-Ear Meat Dumplings in Insadong Reviewed by a Caveman

Sadong myeong-oak is an institution in Insadong. It's down one of the alleys just before Ssamzie Art Department Store. They are famous for their Enormous! Enormous dumplings. They look like little babies fists just after a hot bath with their wrinkled skin- not that I'm saying that you should eat babies' fists! Anywho, the food is good. And since words are leaving me. So, I'm going to ask my friend Caveman to finish this post. Here's caveman.

Sadoong Meyeong-oak is good. Me like. Me think it make Caveman powerful. Me go there and eat lots and me don't have to hunt first- it dead already.
Sadong Myeong Oak
Sign has pretty letters. Me one day want to learn to make letters. Now, fire is better! Fire Fire!
Mandoo Jeongol
Soup with Dumpling good. Fire very good!
Seafood Pancake
Me like seafood pancake. It don't run away! It flat like I smashed with club.
Dong Dong Ju
Caveman like rice alcohol. It make me horny! After cup, I chase me wife.
Eating Mandoo
Pretty Lady eat big mandoo! It size of my brain! It look like brain too. Me eat brain later to see if taste same!

Friendly People
Korean people funny. They like show armpits in photos. Me like smell of armpit!
Many Many Dumplings
Me love smell mandoo! Me like say Mandoo! Me like to steal Mandoo! Me put many in mouth and in beaver bag- me hide in cave until rotten and taste more good!
Cooking Seafood Pancake
Me want to make cookie lady me wife, but she need more hair so I drag her to cave. In cave she cook for me and we make baby! Baby grow up and cook more mandoo! Me like Mandoo House. Me go again. Caveman say, Wooga Wooga. In caveman, that bye!
Sadong Myeong-oak
위치: 인사아트프라자 골목
전화: 02-735-7393

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