Weekend Update: Cooking Classes, London Tea, Makgeolli, and Tokyo Modern Kitchen

This weekend was quite busy. On Friday Night, O'ngo Food Communications launched the Night Dining Tours and we had 5 people come. It was a night filled with food, fun, drinks, and fun.

On Saturday Chef Shawn, Michelle, and I did the cooking classes for Andong Jjimdak. We filled both classes and we cooked a lot of food. The first one didn't go so smoothly- mainly because we should have prepared a bit more. It didn't really matter though because Shawn was very funny and charming.

That evening I went to Tokyo Modern Kitchen in Itaewon with Yunkyeong and Bora. It's down the street from Rocky Mountain Tavern. The place is very cool looking, but service is awful, the music was uber loud (and didn't fit the atmosphere), and the drinks were small (and expensive). I mean we ordered a apple soju cocktail and it came out in a tiny pitcher (300ml) and it cost 15,000 won. Yeah, not worth the money. The Okonamiyaki was delicious and it was accented with wasabi.

Sunday was a day of rest for me and I was invited to London Tea. London Tea is right down the street from Crown Hotel and you get easily get to it by getting off the 143, 401, and 406 buses. For brunch, I had their Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast, Apple Cheddar Cheese Omelet, and Chicken Masala. It was all very good and not too expensive (Brunch dishes were only 7,500 each). The place is very comforting and I can recommend the coffee and tea there. Pictures of all the dishes will come soon.

Alrighty, it's 8am. Time to start my day.


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