Chef Edward Kwon's Cuisine

Chef Edward Kwon is a charismatic chef that has big plans for his restaurants in Korea. His restaurants are very successful here and he holds tight to his culinary philosophy. For one, he refuses to serve pickles with his pastas. When customers complain about that he or his staff go over and explain that pickles don't fit in with cuisine. He's a brave soul, fighting for what he believes in, and his food is quite good. I had his mushroom veloute and it was a marvelous soup- it was more cappuccino (foam-wise) than soup. It's a big soup, enough for a meal, even without Korean side dishes. (Oh, and he refuses to serve side-dishes with his meals as well.)

The other dish I got was an open-faced chicken sandwich served on a brioche bun dressed with truffle aioli. I think all of what I just said seems like it would belong in NYC rather than in Seoul. Although, they were a bit heavy on the truffle aioli. It was a flavor experience I often had to travel on a plane to get.

His new restaurant, The Spice, is now open in Hangangjin. I'll be heading there soon. Who wants to come join me?

Eddy's Cafe is in Shinsaegae Department Store at Express Bus Terminal (Subway Line 3) in the basement. 

Mushroom Veloute
Artful Presentation
Open Faced Chicken Sandwich with Truffle Aioli
Truffle Aioli...yum.

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