Chulgo-un Book/Cafe

Chulgo-un Book Cafe
Here's a secret. Some of the places that I really like to go to, I won't post for a long time because...I don't want them to get too crowded. I'm not saying that a post on this blog makes any place famous, but, you know, one person tells another person and they tell another, etc- soon my quiet little place becomes not so quiet. Anyway, I know that restaurants and cafes need to stay in business.

In Hapjeong, my favorite cafe is the Chulgo-un Book/Cafe. It's a quiet little cafe on the second floor. The coffee is ok. They have beer and wine, but the reason I go there is for the tranquil, bookish, artsy environment. This is where I go when I need to step back from it all and do some writing. Oh, and they have tons of books, so I like to go and browse for new ideas.

It's out Hapjeong Exit 5 and walk down the street adjacent to the main road. It's about two blocks down.

즐거운 book/cafe
Open from Noon-Midnight
Interior Shot
A place for quiet contemplation and reading
My friend JJ
Books, books, books

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