Photoblog: Everest: Nepalese Restaurant in Dongdaemun

Everest is a landmark in Seoul and it's known for it's consistent Nepalese/Indian Food. It has been around as long as I've been here and it's still one of my favorite places to go. The food is moderately priced, the atmosphere is comforting like grandmother's house, and the taste is authentic. Good place, but be warned- there is usually a line down the stairs on Friday and Saturday Night.
Out Dongdaemun (Line 1) Exit 3. Make the 2nd left and then make the next right.
Flower Bread Vendor
Got Street Food?
Everest Restaurant
Nice Spread
Palak Paneer
A Lentil Curry (Sorry I forget what its called)

Everest Restaurant
(02) 766-8850

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