Fog'n Waffel: A Waffle Place I enjoy by Klarika Huszar

by Klarika Huszar

There is one waffle joint that is my never fail, go-to place for a satisfying waffle. It's the magical sword in my satchel of waffle knowledge.

Fog'n Waffel & Coffee has a line outside around the clock, and I've taken many of my friends (both native Korean and American) here for dessert.

The waffles are fluffy and filled with a generous amount of airy homemade yogurt cream. This place also has the best combo choices I've seen, offering two different types of filling:

Yogurt Cream: Yogurt cream waffle (1,000W), Almond waffle (1,500W), Fresh Fruit waffle (2,000W)

Sweet Potato Mousse: Sweet potato mousse waffle (1,500W), Almond waffle with sweet potato mousse (2,000W), Fresh fruit waffle with sweet potato mousse (2,500W)

Syrups: Apple, Strawberry, Chocolate

If you're overwhelmed by myriad of choices, you can't go wrong for your first time with a plain yogurt waffle. You can pick up a frequent eater card so that when you try each type you get a free waffle after twenty cravings.

However, my absolute favorite waffle to get is the almond waffle with yogurt cream and chocolate syrup. ****Note that they put nuts on the cream, so if you have an allergy, make sure you ask for it sans nuts.

Almond-Peanut-Choco-Yogurt Waffle

side view

I have tried a few different types, which I'll quickly review:

Sweet Potato Filling on Almond Waffle with Strawberry Syrup: This wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped it'd be. The filling wasn't too sweet and kind of clashed with the waffle and syrup. Maybe it was just a bad cream batch that day.

Waffle angle

(Sure looks delicious, though, no?)

Fresh Fruit Waffle: Oooh, fresh FRUIT!!! I know what you're thinking. This just may be the pinnacle of dessert, something akin to cheesecake with a thick layer of glassy strawberries covering it, right? You've got your man-made sugar in the form of cream and strawberry syrup, and you've got the real deal in natural sugar with the fruit (bananas and kiwis). BUT, the taste-factor of this sugar mine was only "okay," partly because the fruit was warm. It just seemed like an unnecessary addition in relation to the simplicity of the waffle with cream. I encourage anyone who visits Fog'n to try the fruit waffle--again, I imagine the batches might be different depending on who's working.

You can check out my first review of Fog'n at my blog here, as well as a follow-up of my 'rents trying to imitate the deliciousness.

Have you been to any places that serve amazing waffles for this cheap!? Leave a comment!


010 8279 0430

Directions: Your best bet would be to take the green line to Edae/Ewha Women’s University. Then take the Ewha University exit (I’m not sure what number it is, but read the signs.)
Follow the sidewalk (you should be passing the hello apm dept store to your left, Starbucks and Coldstone creamery to your right a little further on).
You will come to a gigantic crosswalk, at which you will want to make a left. You want to be on the street opposite of the giant megabox.
Keep walking.
There will probably be a line in front of the place, but in case there isn’t, it’s a brown-paneled corner spot.

Klarika is a writer and photographer that is currently studying in Korea for 4 months. You can follow her adventures at You can contact her by leaving a comment or by sending her an e-mail here.

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