Putting the Smackdown on the Waffle Trend: Casse Croute Waffles

Casse Croute Waffles
by Klarika Huszar www.helloklara.wordpress.com

You've seen them.  Golden half-circles, half-eaten and gripped in the hand of a rushing subway user, a strolling passerby, shared between the too-sugary mush of a couple.

These free advertisements hook you in and, sure,  you want one. But the real question is, WHICH ONE?!

But Klarika, you protest, throwing your arms in the air, what's the big deal? It's a waffle with cream in the center, what's it matter where I get it from?
Readers. If we were playing Zelda and you had a choice between the wooden sword and the magical sword, there'd be no questions asked, right? Trust me!

If you are walking around Sinchon at night, you've probably seen the line at Casse Croute, a waffle and crepe place that has outdoor seating. It's not particularly alluring, and maybe it's only because of the available chairs, but there are usually a number of people outside with waffles in hand to warrant my own curiosity

casse croute (21 of 5)

casse croute (20 of 5)

Casse Croute's waffle menu is made up of a simple three choices: yogurt waffle pie (2,000W), chocolate waffle pie (2,000W), and yogurt cream pie (1,500W); you can choose mango, strawberry, or chocolate syrup to go with it.

I overheard the couple in front of me pick out mango syrup and decided to garnish my plain yogurt choice with that too. They seemed like they knew what the tastebud pot of gold in syrup was.

However, much to my chagrin, the warm waffle handed to me resembled that of an Eggo. It was too crunchy, making its mouth-scrape factor go through the roof. The "yogurt" turned out to be frozen yogurt, which in my opinion is a terrible waffle filling. Fro-yo has a tendency to be very watery in consistency when it melts, so the warm waffle soaks up the excess and becomes distastefully soggy towards the end. Now, slab me some rich, creamy Ben & Jerry's Dulce Delish in between a fresh Eggo and it'd be a whole different review (make it a fresh Belgian and we'd be golden!).

casse croute (18 of 5)

casse croute (19 of 5)

As I walked back towards the underpass in Sinchon, I could just barely see a line forming for Fog'n waffles, and for a split second I seriously regretted trying to be objective by paying for what might be the worst waffle ever.

-Sinchon Station Exit 2 off the green line (Line 3)
-Walk straight (past the frisbee store on your left) until you reach the intersection with the big red pipe and duplex entrance
-Cross the street diagonally so that you are on the street with the Missha store
-Follow until the end of the sidewalk; Casse Croute will be on your left

Klarika is a writer and photographer that is currently studying in Korea for 4 months. You can follow her adventures at http://helloklara.wordpress.com. You can contact her by leaving a comment or by sending her an e-mail here.

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