Mailbag: Question about corkage-free restaurants

Hello Daniel,

You don't know me but for your background we both worked (in our own separate spheres) on the Seoul Book of Everything.

I'm familiar with your work in the culinary blogging field aka "food writing." You put out a lot of good stuff; keep it up!

Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you know of any decent restaurants in downtown (Jongno/Myeong-dong/Gwanghwamun areas) or Itaewon and thereabout that offer corkage-free dining (no corkage fee for bringing a bottle of wine).

I know of one that I have visited in Hongdae but I'm looking for something closer to downtown for tonight.



Dear Joel,

Most regular Korean Bbq places will let you bring your own wine. It's the expensive places that will charge you a corkage fee (Usually 20,000 won). These small Mom and Pop Shops won't have a corkscrew and you'll probably have to bring your own wine glasses (Or use the beer glasses).  There are many Korean Bbq places and they are pretty similar. I like to go the one on the corner of Gyeonidan. I've never had a problem bringing wine there.

Oh, and as a courtesy, it's nice to buy some beer as a courtesy to the restaurant (it's also a good palate cleanser).  


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