Temple Cuisine Cooking Class at La Cuisine

Last week Michelle and I were invited by Jerry Kim of GSA Public Relations to participate in a temple cuisine cooking class at La Cuisine Cooking Studio. The class was taught by famous Buddhist Monk/Chef Dae-Ahn. Dae-Ahn is a well known specialist in Buddhist Temple Cuisine and I got to meet with her once before when I did a filming special for KBS TV.

The class was very informative and the menu for the day was:
Burdeok Pancake (우엉전).
Mountain Herb Rice (더덕밥)
Minari Soup (미나리즙탕)

After watching Chef Dae-Ahn demo the dishes, we had the chance to make our own. Ours maybe didn't look or taste as good as what Chef Dae-Ahn made, but it was still good. It was great to learn temple cuisine techniques.

Thanks Jerry!


Photographs taken by Michelle Min

The Cooking Studio at La Cuisine

Burdeok Pancake

Chef Dae-Ahn

Chef Dae-Ahn

The Deodeok

The Minari

Wild Sesame Seeds

Hammering the Steamed Burdeok into flat pieces


Chef Dae-Ahn with me (Daniel Gray)

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