What I love about Korea: Drinking outside the Convenience Store

Let's face it. The convenience stores in America and other western countries aren't very convenient. They have so many rules about loitering and stuff. I remember back in Delaware there were many signs that said, "Loitering Not Allowed," "20 minute Parking," etc. Geez...and these stores didn't even have any alcohol.

Now in Korea, the convenience stores have everything you could possibility need: snacks, lunchbox meals (called dosiraks), beer, wine, liquor, underwear, tampons, condoms, and even hangover curing drinks called "Condition" drinks.

They have tables outside and you are welcome to sit, eat some snacks, and have a beer. It's great and very convenient.

I love Korean Convenience Stores!
Max Special Hop Pitchers of Beer
Here we are at our table beside the GS25 Convenience Store.

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