Get your BBQ on with Help from the US Military

The Dragon Hill Lodge on the Yongsan Military Base has some amazing deals on food. You already know about their famous Turkey Dinner. Now they have a Summer Steak and Shrimp Special with a ton of fixings and sides for only $99.95 dollars or W120,000 won. It's enough food for 12 people and all you have to do is fire up the grill and cook the steaks and shrimp. The special is only from June 25- August 15. With a deal this good, it might be wise to get two of them and freeze one stack of steaks.

With your meal, you get Macaroni and Cheese, Caesar Salad, Dinner Rolls and their NY Cheesecake (It's good and they even have a deep fried version of it...yum...).

Now, the thing is, you have to pick up the food at a military gate. If you ask nicely, they will deliver the food to a gate close to you. For example, if you live in Haebangchon or near Itaewon, you could ask them to deliver to food to gate 3. That's right by the kimchi pots down from Noksopyeong Station Exit 2. Or you can get the food delivered to Gate 17 near Dongbu Ichon Station. They bring it out in a big box, so you should just get it in a cab and off to your place. You have to pay in cash-no credit cards.

Here are the numbers to place your order and yes, they speak English.

02 6903 6716 for the Deli,
02 6903 6718 to speak to Ms. Kim the Deli manager

Summer Steak and
Shrimp BBQ Special
A complete ready to cook summer BBQ,
just add the grill!
Hand cut Dragon Hill Lodge Sirloin Steaks 
(your choice of 12 each 6 ounce steaks or
3 each 24 ounce steaks) 
Marinated Jumbo Shrimp 
Macaroni and Cheese 
Caesar Salad
Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls 
Our Signature New York Cheesecake
Feed 10 to 12 
$99.95 (120,000 won)
02 6903 6716 for the Deli, 
02 6903 6718 to speak to Ms. Kim the Deli manager

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