Cooking Class and a Steak Lunch with my Student

I have a student that I do language exchange with and some times we decide to cook rather than talk. In this class I taught her how to make a steak.

She said she really enjoys eating steak but at the restaurants it is often very expensive (40,000 won) for a little piece of steak.

Cooking steak seemed to be a mystery to her. In our cooking class. I heated up a pan until it was smoking hot. I salted the steak with sea salt and then seared the steak on the pan, flipped it, added potatoes and stuck it in the oven until it was cooked. I don't add pepper until after because it will burn.

Then I taught her the secret to a good steak: butter. I sauteed a bit of garlic and then mixed this into butter and put the butter into the freezer. Just as I served the steak, I added a dollop of butter. It melted on the steak.

She really enjoyed it and said she would try doing the recipe for her family.

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