Feeling Tired? Eat Black Chicken!

Seriously, this is no joke. Last week I went to Kuryeo Samgyetang (chicken and ginseng soup) for black chicken samgyetang.

You might be asking yourself, what are black chicken? Well, they are a special breed of chicken whose skin and bones are black. How they get that way, I don't know. Anyway, after eating the chicken last week, i went on 3 consecutive late night drinking sprees and I didn't miss a beat. I didn't get tired or hungover during that time.

Was it the chicken? That was what I have been trying to figure out. I mean, I have believed the whole medicinal food thing that many Koreans believe. Also, many of the foods that Koreans say "restore fatigue and stamina" are generally just foods rich in spice and protein. Of course these foods will restore the body if you work out in the fields all day and protein is something that you rarely have.

But black chicken, seems to be different. It works.

I talked to a oriental doctor about this and she said that black chicken is supposed to be good for the kidneys and high blood pressure. It is also good for people that have a cold body type. I asked her what she meant and she said, "some people's skin seem cold to the touch. Others are always warm. Samgyetang is good for those with a cool type."

It must be because I woke up today and I felt absolutely wonderful. Since this is the second time I have had this food, I can say that there maybe some truth to it's "health restorative claims." The next time I feel tired, I will be sure to go check them out.


Restaurant Name: Kuryeo Samgyetang
Location: City Hall
Number: 02 752 9367
website: www.koreasamkyetang.com
Directions: Go out City Hall Subway (Line 1,2) and go out exit 10. Walk 3 minutes and it'll be on your right.

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