How Confucius ate

As I look at my burgeoning belly, I think it might be time to start a diet. Through my search, I came across this interesting article on Confucius's Rules for eating. I think it's something we can all learn from.


Rules of Confucius about his food.
1. He did not dislike to have his rice finely cleaned, nor to have his mince meat cut quite small.
2. He did not eat rice which had been injured by heat or damp and turned sour, nor fish or flesh which was gone. He did not eat what was discolored, or what was of a bad flavor, nor anything which was ill-cooked, or was not in season.
3. He did not eat meat which was not cut properly, nor what was served without its proper sauce.
4. Though there might be a large quantity of meat, he would not allow what he took to exceed the due proportion for the rice. It was only in wine that he laid down no limit for himself, but he did not allow himself to be confused by it.
5. He did not partake of wine and dried meat bought in the market.
6. He was never without ginger when he ate.
7. He did not eat much. [...]

Legge X.8

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