Hwae: Full Course Korean Raw Seafood Meal

Live Octopus
I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Guro Digital Complex Exit 3. Here I found a vast array of great restaurants including this gem, Hae Hyun. We ordered the medium sized full course meal (around 80,000 won). This was easily enough for 3 or 4 people.They started us out with a number of side dishes and live octopus. The one we had was a very lively fellow and it was very difficult to get him off the plate because he kept sucking to the plate. Then we also had some Gaebul (the red thing below). It was so fresh that it was still moving (but not sucking to your tongue like the live octopus). This is much better than seasquirt (not shown here, but it's an orange, yellow color). I think seasquirt tastes like cologne.
Raw Gaebul
Gaebul up close
Eventually, the main course came: the sliced fish. The way that I check the skill of the chef is by looking closely at the cut of the fish. If the fish has a shiny sheen and relatively dry then the chef has used a sharp knife and has swiftly cut it. At Hae Hyun, I can say that the chef is pretty skilled and the fish is very flesh. We got a variety of seabream, flounder, and snapper. But of course, the fish is just another course. There was even more food forthcoming.
Korean Raw Fish

Along with the raw fish, we got some crispy tempura.

Broiled fish with spicy sauce.
Broiled Fish with Spicy Sauce
And finally, we ended the meal with a spicy fish soup.
Spicy Fish Stew
Although, Hae Hyun doesn't do anything special, but they do it very well. The fish is extremely fresh, the chefs are skilled, and there is a vast variety of food. I would definitely recommend you head over for a meal.

Hae Hyun
Directions: Go out Guro Digital Complex exit 3 and make a left. It will be about 2 blocks down on the left.

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