Smoked Chicken with Garlic at Madak


Nothing Special Here, just beer, snacks and turnip
About a week ago I went to Madak over by Nambu Terminal for some fried chicken and smoked chicken topped with YK. The place is pretty new (they just opened in 2009) and they are known for their finely minced garlic that they serve with their chicken. Besides the garlic, it's your typical chicken place that has beer, radish cubes, and puffed snack balls. It's not overly expensive either.
The Minced Garlic
You might think that the garlic is a gimmick, but I must say that it is not. The garlic has been minced super fine and they put something on it (I haven't figured out what it is, but I figure it must be a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice that they mix into the garlic and then rinse off). Whatever the process for making the garlic is, I must say that it works. It's not pungent and pepperminty (the garlic in Korea tends to pack quite a punch). I could have eaten the garlic just by itself, but it went very well with the chicken that they served.
The Smoked Chicken Leg
My favorite was the smoked chicken for the flesh had a subtle richness from the smoking process. The dark meat on the legs (which is my favorite part of the chicken) had a texture that was more like duck than chicken. Next time, I'll be sure to just get the chicken leg rather than a mixture of fried and smoked.

Like I said, they have excellent chicken and you'll have to ask for extra minced garlic because it goes together so well.

Madak: Garlic Chicken
Restaurant Type: Late Night Fried Chicken and Beer House
Location: Nambu Terminal
Telephone: 02-355-4443
Specialty: Smoked Chicken and Fried Chicken with Minced Garlic
Directions: Go out Nambu Terminal Station (Line 3, Orange Line) exit 6. Turn Right at the KFC. Walk half a block and you'll see it on the second floor on the left.

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