Be a King and Queen at Suraon

Recently, I was invited by a group to give a lecture on Korean food. Most of the people were from out of the country and they wanted to experience real Korean food and culture. I had recommend a Royal Court Restaurant not too far from their hotel. That evening we enjoyed 14 courses of great royal court influenced cuisine, a dance and music performance, and a lecture about Korean food culture from yours truly.
Dinner was a big success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a few dishes that were misses, but those were quickly forgotten by the 13 other dishes and side dishes that followed. Dinner went from formal to fun when tables started to order bottles of Soju and beer.
I explained to everyone on how Koreans pour each other drinks (pour with the right hand while touching the right elbow with the left hand) and they really enjoyed the respectful attitude that Koreans have toward each other. The most surprising part of my lecture was when I told them that everything prelude to the rice was the appetizer-the rice is the main course.
Thoughout the evening, Suraon had musical and dance performances. I know that other places have these as well, but I really enjoyed the large stage that they have and the high ceilings. It's a perfect place for new visitors to Korea.
Suraon: The King's Cuisine
Restaurant Type: Contemporary Royal Court Cuisine
Location: Express Bus Terminal
Telephone: 02-595-0202
Specialty: Lunch and Dinner Royal Court Meal Courses
Directions: Go out Express Bus Terminal Subway (3 Line Orange) Exit 3 and walk straight. It's about 200 meters down on the right.

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