Does Kimchi go bad?

Have you ever wondered if Kimchi goes bad?

When we moved to our new cooking studio in Insadong there was a big container of kimchi that was inside of a lukewarm refrigerator for an unknown period of time. We didn't know if it had turned yet, but we could smell it for about a half an hour each time we opened the refrigerator. We were worried that it would have become alive and started to wander around the room. We expected mold and bubbling liquids or possibly it would simply explode.

The day came to throw it away and we hired a brave ajumma to help us with cleaning and to do the job for us.

Before she took it away, I snapped some pictures.

Here are the pictures of what kimchi looks like when it goes bad.

Kimchi gone bad
Kimchi gone bad

With exception of the smell, it didn't seem much different from regular kimchi. I took a bite of it and it was sour- very sour- effervescent sour, but I didn't get sick and die from it.

Pretty amazing stuff, that kimchi stuff.


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