Liège Waffles in Yeouido, who knew a slice of Belgium existed on an island in Seoul.

Belgian Waffle Majesty

Liege Waffles Yeouido, Seoul
Being Saturday and all, I thought a small hole in the wall Belgium waffle joint would tickle your fancy. So I present to you Belgian Waffle Majesty in Yeouido. I was immediately intrigued by the individually portioned dough batter left to rise and then compressed into the hot deep grooved waffle pan. I did a tiny bit of research and there are 3 different types of what we know and love to be Belgium waffles. (1) the American version of the liquid waffle batter which are lighter and made with baking power. (2) the Brussel waffle which is what the American version was modeled after, made from a liquid batter as well, but made with yeast. (3) Last, the Liege Waffle, which is made from a dough that is left to rise before compressing into the deep groove iron waffle pans. The best part of the Liege Waffle is the chunks of sugar in the dough that are left to caramelize into a crispy outer coatings, no syrup/whipped cream necessary. Just eat as is, wax paper included.

Belgian Waffle Majesty is a mother-son business, they only have two things on the menu, the plain, and with ice cream. I had the plain, tasted very Korean for some reason, I'm curious to see if Liege Waffles in Belgium also taste Korean pastry-like, but until then, I will be taking my #9 line train to Sedgang Station (샛강) exit 3 to get my waffle fix.

In the Kitchen
Not Expensive! 1,800 for one and 3,000 with ice cream

Notice the caramelized sugar on the Liege Waffles

Yungdungpo-gu Yeouido-dong 53-11 1F (Sang-ah building)
서울시 영등포구 여의도동 53-11 1F (상아빌딩 1층)
English and Korean spoken.

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