Lord Sandwich: Good Bread, Needs More Filling


Lord Sandwich. It's not even like the place is called "The Sandwich." It's got Lord as an honorific, and if that doesn't scream hoity-toity, then the design of the building will for sure leave you looking twice. Or at least staring hard.

But let's take a gander in a bit.

What makes a good sandwich lord sandwich? Is it the carefully thought out combination of greens, cold cuts, and cheese? The delicately spread ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard? I mean, the combo list can go on forever.

But ask yourself this, what's the staple for every good sandwich? Because no matter what goes inside any great 'wich, the first bite is always reminiscent of its bread. And of course the quality of the ingredients inside are important, but for me the bread can often make or break my entire day.

So. Back to Lord Sandwich. After walking past it every day on my way into Sinchon, I met up there with my good friend, Gahyun, for lunch one day.

Lord 'wich

We decided to split the smoked salmon and BLT sandwich, each 8,000W. After ordering in what seems like a tiny closet downstairs, we went up to the second floor where highbacked, cushy black chairs were illuminated by narrow windows. Except for the low volume of classical music and the portraits of English monarchs (there's even a color portrait of George Washington in the stairwell ...), the interior is just as industrial as the exterior.


At around 1pm the seating started filling up as groups came. Yonsei's international dormitory is directly behind, so there were a number of students and professors inside.

stuff (24 of 49)
(Pictured above is the smoked salmon, with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and horseradish sauce)

After about 5 minutes, our sandwiches came looking pretty delish. Okay, the scant leaves and two cherry tomatoes on the side were totally unnecessary and laughable, but points for presentation were noted.

Readers, the bread was excellent.

A regular toasted ciabatta roll, it was lightly crisped on the outside, but still soft and warm on the inside.  It was the kind of first introduction to a sandwich that leaves you wanting another bite.

The salmon sandwich was simple, but the BLT was exponentially more delicious. The green mayo sauce along with the bread texture left me thinking about it long after Gahyun and I parted ways (and this was after we went out for coffee and waited at the bank).

Ultimately though, the only thing I can really commend about these sandwiches is how amazing the bread and the green sauce was. The salmon was good. The tomatoes seemed fresh. But in retrospect, the core of the sandwiches wasn't striking. I've had better lox before, and the green sauce washed the lettuce and bacon.

(Pictured above is the BLT, with this amazing green mayo sauce.)

Overall, Lord Sandwich is a good place to meet your friends for a decent sandwich and the experience of sitting in a faux-fortress deli. I think the sandwiches are a little undersized for the price (most of the sandwiches are 8,000W, give or take a few 100W), but they also offer personal pizzas and coffee. The novelty of the place is enough to venture out there at least once.


What's your definition of a great 'wich?

Lord Sandwich
02 363 4554

120-160 Seoul-shi seodaemun-gu daeshin-dong

Right in front of the new Yonsei SK Global House.

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