Raspberry Shaved Ice with Corn on the Cob at Margot

I know. Awful Picture. This is what happens when I take pictures with my crappy viewty camera phone. LG I hate you! You could at least create a 5megapixel camera that could take a decent shot. Actually...the phone is even is worse. Texting is almost impossible due to the crappy touch screen and sound quality of the phone is just as bad. When I bought this, the iphone wasn't out yet in Korea.

Argh!!! But anyway, at my new favorite little cafe in Bukchon, you get raspberry patbingsu with a side of red beans and corn on the cob. It's fabulous.

Margot Cafe
110-280 Seoul Jongro-gu, Wonseo-dong 129-5
02 747 3152

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