Sushi like it oughta be: quaint and flavorful

Hana: Japanese Cuisine from New York

I have been tricked by sushi restaurants in the past in Korea. The Korean idea of sushi seems to be big rice bombs doused in mayonnaise and other sweet sauces. This isn't something common just to Korea, but something I saw in Malaysia and some places in Japan as well. I think it has to do with the reverence for rice in Korea. Rice is the most important part of the meal and the sushi reflects that.

Now the one place that I found that I could get the simplicity of sushi I was searching for was at Hana (하나) Restaurant over by Seoul National University.

Salmon Avocado Salad at Hana
We started out with a Salmon and Avocado Sushi and it was exactly what was stated. It was chunks of Salmon tossed with ripe avocado and balanced with green onions and a tart sauce. Oh, and the popping sensation of tiny fish eggs made this dish exactly like I have eaten in NYC.
Spicy Tuna Roll at Hana
The Spicy Tuna Rolls were nice with the crunch of cucumber and the green flavor of the razor thin green onions. I would have liked the tuna to be a tad spicier, but overall not bad.
California Roll at Hana
The California Rolls had the right amount of avocado, crab and cucumber. But...where was the tobiko? I would have preferred tobiko on the outside other than the sesame seeds. I have to say, the sushi rolls were made right for the rice wasn't all mashed and soft. Each grain could be enjoyed while enjoying the whole piece.
Yakisoba at Hana
The Yakisoba was Yakisoba. It was fine, but I wished that I ordered another salmon avocado salad instead.

Fried Green Tea Ice Cream at Hana
Dessert was fried green tea icecream.
Hana: Interior

"Japanese Cuisine since 1980. New York"
TEL 02.876-4262
Directions: Go out Seoul National University on Line 2 (NOT Seoul National University of Education!!!) Exit 2. It's in the first big building on the left on the 1st floor. I don't remember the name of the building, but it's in the same building and Jina and Franco's Trattatoria.



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