Awarding Winning Grilled Cheese and Fox Hill Cheese House

Chef Micheal Howell with his award winning Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Has Seoul Eats become Nova Scotia Eats? I know it seems that way for now, but it's because I had such a great food experience there that I want to share it with you all. I'll start mixing in Seoul food as soon as I start eating again. Here are some pictures of my visit to the Fox Hill Cheese. Chef Michael Howell from the Tempest Restaurant was on hand serving up his world class cuisine made from local ingredients including his award winning grilled cheese sandwich.
Foxhill Cheese House

Mark Howell's Grilled Cheese has figs, prosciutto, arugula, and Canadian Gouda Cheese

One can't subsist on grilled cheese alone: Chicken with roasted tomatoes

Polenta Cakes
Nova Scotian Mussels

Nova Wine

Mark Howell's Seafood Bisque was what everyone at our table was talking about. It was creamy and full of flavor and we were shocked when we learned that he made it using condensed milk!
Chicken with stewed tomatoes and polenta cake seems like a simple combination, but when done well; it is perfection.

Paco the Hedgehog poses with my lunch.
Blueberry Tart for Dessert
Inside the Cheese House you can watch them make cheese from scratch
Paco poses with some milk jugs.

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