Monthly Cooking Classes at Hoya's Cooking School in Seoul, Korea

Back to Basics Cooking Class: Milk
Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

Our cooking studio in Insadong has been open almost 2 months now and it's going well. We've had guests from the Americas, Canada, Finland, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, etc. learn from our chef Hoya. Our Night Dining Tours and our Korea Taste and Tea Tours are also doing well.

One thing that our guests have asked for were monthly cooking classes for people living or studying in Seoul. People have also been asking about healthy food classes and making food from scratch. For the month of October we are offering special classes for expats in Seoul.

For the month of October, we are offering our "Back to Basics" cooking program. The theme for this month is Milk. We are offering a Wedneday Morning 10am and a Saturday Morning at 10 am program. You can sign up for classes a la carte or all four for a special price.

Session 1 on Wednesday, October 6th or Saturday 9th: Butter
Our chefs will teach you how to make butter from scratch. Then with the buttermilk we'll make biscuits and with the butter we'll make a lemon butter chicken dish. You can take the butter you made in class home.

Session 2 on Wednesday, October 13th, or Saturday the 16th: Mozzarella and Pizza
Our chefs will teach you how to make homemade mozzarella cheese and then we'll use this cheese to make our own pizzas.

Session 3 on Wednesday October 20th, or Saturday the 23rd: Yogurt 
Our chefs will teach you how to make homemade yogurt from scratch and then we will strain the yogurt to make Tzikiki: a Greek Yogurt Spread. Lunch will be a Greek Gyro topped with tzikiki and fruit yogurt smoothies. You will be able to take the yogurt you made in class home.

Session 4 on Wednesday October 27th or Saturday the 30th: Dessert
Our chefs will teach you how to make creme brulee and 2 other simple desserts using creme, butter or milk. After this session, we'll take you on a tour of Seoul's famous bakery market so you can bake at home.

Sessions cost 65,000 won a piece or you can sign up for all 4 for only 240,000 won (a 20,000 won savings). You can watch the demonstration only for only 30,000 won each (you will not be able to participate in the cooking portion of the class). Classes are taught in English. Koreans and Expats are welcome to join. You will see a demonstration, a hands on tutorial, recipe book, and a light meal. Please indicate if you would like to sign up for Wednesday or Saturday Classes.

To sign-up, please send an e-mail to or call Monday through Friday from 9-6pm.

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