Seoul Taco Bell Relaunch Story in the Washington Post

Taco Bell in Seoul

In the Washington Post there is a story on the Seoul Taco Bell Relaunch by Chico Harlan. It's a well researched article with interviews with the CEO of the new Taco Bell: Shin Sang Yong of M2G Ltd. who says:
"people are ready for something new. They've had 20 years of pizza and hamburgers." Shin envisions opening 30 South Korean franchises in the next three years. One hundred in the next six. Right now, Seoul has about 30 Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants.
I just hope he doesn't expand too fast, because I think Taco Bell works in Itaewon, but I don't think it would work in- let's say- Nowon (way up north east). The article hits on the food trends in Seoul and mentions Omer of Sultan Kebap and Suji Park of Suji's Restaurant.

Go here for the full article:

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