Seoul Gourmet 2010: Savor Korea: Welcome Press Conference

Chef Sang-hoon Degiembre at Seoul Gourmet 2010
At the Shilla Hotel on Sunday, September 26th, Seoul Gourmet 2010 had their official welcoming press conference. The CEO of Seoul Tourism, Samuel Koo gave opening remarks. Major players in the food and tourism industry were present including the president of Korea Tourism Organization, Lee Cham and the president of Ssempio Food. Most of the chefs like Michel Troigrois and Sang-hoon Degiembre were also present. After opening remarks, Jean-Pierre Gabriel, one of the organizers gave a very insightful presentation on fermentation around the world in in Korea.

Shilla Hotel
Shilla Hotel
The president of Korea Tourism Organization: Lee Cham (front). CEO of Seoul Tourism: Samuel Koo (behind)
President of Ssempio Food Corporation
Presentation on Fermentation

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